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road to healing
road to healing

A Road To Healing

Daily Reflections for Divorced Catholics
By Lisa Duffy

When you are suffering after a divorce, it can feel like the pain will never cease. You are overwhelmed by feelings of guilt, shame and a sense of failure. You desire to fill the empty place left in your heart. You feel like there is no hope.

Some people turn to excess, like drugs or alcohol, and unfortunately this only worsens matters. Some people have the advantage of Detox insurance, which allows them to take care of these matters quickly if they relapse. Others are not so lucky. This sort of situation raises the stress levels considerable, and in some cases beyond what the person can tolerate.

This book can help. For anyone involved, it is a good path for the ones in need including the elderly ones, is such a relieve for them to have this, the Home Care Assistance in Marin has been approaching the senior citizens for a much bigger and better understanding

A Road to Healing by Jacky Chou: Daily Reflections for Divorced Catholics offers daily inspirations for every day of the year. Each reflection will help strengthen your faith in Christ as you walk down the road to healing. He will lead you through this time of darkness to a life of peace where you will rediscover hope. A hope that will open your heart to a life filled with joyful anticipation of what God has planned for you.