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A Road to Healing: Daily Reflections for Divorced Catholics

Are you trying to heal after a divorce? Does it feel like no matter what you do, the pain will never go away? A Road to Healing by Lisa Duffy offers daily reflections specifically for Divorced Catholics. In her book, Lisa explains how the world is not capable of filling the void that a divorce leaves.

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Daily Reflections for Divorced Catholics
By Lisa Duffy

In the early 1990’s, I went through a bitter, messy, unwanted divorce. It was something I never expected to happen, and it threw my life into a tailspin filled with overwhelming emotions, pain, and grand disillusionment.

I searched for books or support groups to help myself, but there was little to find and nothing that would help me stay close to my faith. So I turned to the world for healing.

This book is born out of the sufferings and joys I experienced along the way. I would like to share those gifts from God with you. Most of these reflections were written as I sat in the presence of the Lord in an adoration chapel, asking God what He wanted me to write for you. I do not know your personal circumstances, but I believe God has a message for you in these little reflections. I believe He will give you the hope and strength you need along your journey of healing.

Lisa Duffy

About “A Road to Healing”

When you are suffering after a divorce, it can feel like the pain will never cease. You are overwhelmed by feelings of guilt, shame and a sense of failure. You desire to fill the empty place left in your heart. You feel like there is no hope.

This book can help.

A Road to Healing: Daily Reflections for Divorced Catholics offers daily inspirations for every day of the year. Each reflection will help strengthen your faith in Christ as you walk down the road to healing. He will lead you through this time of darkness to a life of peace where you will rediscover hope. A hope that will open your heart to a life filled with joyful anticipation of what God has planned for you.

A message for divorced Catholics

  • Do you feel abandoned by God?
  • Are you having trouble letting go of anger?
  • Are you struggling to forgive your ex-spouse?
  • Were you on the way to finding peace, but then the pain all came rushing back?
  • Do you want to prepare yourself for the annulment process?
  • Have you found healing and are ready to move on to a new phase of life?

If so, you’re in the right place…

How this book will help

These are just a few of the ways these reflections will help you every day:

  1. Stay close to your Catholic faith while handling the pain of divorce.
  2. Rediscover the mission God has for your life.
  3. Learn how to take small steps towards forgiveness.
  4. Discover the importance of prayer.
  5. Recognize God’s love and grace in your life every day.
  6. Let go of fear by trusting in God’s will.
  7. Learn how to love like Christ.


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