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The Insanity Of This One Prayer Was What I Needed To Heal From Divorce

If there’s one big lesson I learned during the years I was trying to recover from my divorce, it’s definitely that the world has a very different idea of how to heal those wounds than what will actually heal them.
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The divorce is the start of YOUR time, your priorities, and your new life. Be protective of your time and nurture yourself through the transition and afterward. It is OK to relate to others in a different way and it is OK to say no without guilt attached to it. Take up that hobby you never had time for. Treat yourself with kindness and love. Before my divorce, my priorities took a back seat luckily I got help with my divorce since I use the investigation hotline services to learn about my cheating wife. I put everyone else first, gradually that changed and I can now say “no.”

You will learn that alcohol or drugs do not numb the pain. They may help ease the pain temporarily, but, one day you will allow yourself to feel the hurt and betrayal. This is the beginning of healing, forgiving, and moving on. You are alive and can create a positive outcome.

You will learn to face your fears. You are now alone or if you have children the full responsibility may fall completely on you. There can be many fears you will have to face: fear of being alone, fear of supporting yourself financially, or fear of dating again. Fears do not go away, we need to walk up to them, embrace them and then, they will fall away. Consider fears to be your friends, they are helping you to grow stronger. I have been divorced for eight years and have faced many fears. However, when loud sounds wake me up in the middle of the night, it stills scares me! I had an animal get in my attic last week and it kept me up all night. Getting an animal out of my attic maybe a fear I never face!

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