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What Aunt Rosie Taught Me About Being Single

Have you ever noticed in families that there is always someone who cares for people? Parents care for children. Siblings care for each other. What, however, about the extended family? Does anyone else in the family extend such care? In my family, I can tell you that single aunts, uncles, and cousins are at the forefront of helping each other. They are often the unsung family heroes. I know because I have seen this first hand…

5 Saints For Single People

We all need heroes to be motivated by. Sarah shares 5 Saints to befriend as a Catholic Single Person.

5 Things Every Single Catholic Guy Should Do Before Getting Married | Isaac Huss

Thinking you finally found your forever gal? Here are 5 things every single, Catholic guy should do before getting married.

How To Be Patient When You're *Still* Single

Patience is so much easier to recommend than to live for yourself. Damon Owens gives his perspective on how to approach singlehood.

3 Things Ever Single Woman Should Do

Being single can be really tough. Sarah is here with self help tips to help you get the most out of this time on your own!

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Are you a single Catholic?
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