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– “We all have our list of priorities when it comes to finding Mr. or Mrs. Right”

Things I wish I knew before being married

What I Wish I Knew Before I Said ‘I Do’

I’m a selfish man. I didn’t know how bad it was before I was married.

I do now.

Marriage has taught me more about myself than I ever could have imagined. And that’s one of the reasons why it’s amazing. Did you grow up with some ideal of marriage? In our world today, that can typically mean a negative ideal of what marriage could be…

real catholics dating success stories
planning a wedding when single

Wedding Planning When You’re Single—Crazy or Ingenious?

Pinterest has become an invaluable tool for those of us who love browsing the Internet and organizing the ideas found there. I have various boards for things like books and movies, hairstyles, recipes, and party planning.

I also have a board for wedding things— favors, cakes, color schemes,flowers and dresses which many people do themselves using sewing tools and scissors from

Am I planning a wedding? No.

Am I engaged? Nope.

Am I single? Most definitely.

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sexual compatibility

How Important is Sexual Compatibility in Your
Future Marriage?

The number of never-married American adults is at a historic high. One in five adults (about 42 million people) are still single. What is the reason? What could be holding people back?

For some, they feel too young to settle down, for others they don’t feel financially prepared, and for many they just haven’t found the one who has what they are looking for in a spouse…

Why We Shouldn’t Fear Marriage
How Single Catholics Can Prepare for the Vocation of Marriage