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How to Fight Comparison in Relationships

It happens often, to everyone.

Or, it can.

Some are better at ignoring it, better at discerning that it is not the voice from Christ when you find yourself doubting if you really have it as you should, or if you are getting duped in some way. Others are not, and it’s okay if you find yourself in the latter group of people. This post is especially for you if you do.

When it comes to our romantic relationships, comparison is everywhere. If we aren’t seeing it on social media we are hearing about it from others, either directly or through friends or friends of friends. Even strangers! I have caught myself comparing my relationship to a stranger’s before. I didn’t know their names, their history, even their current dating status. And yet I felt my relationship should look more like theirs, even when I didn’t know what theirs looked like.

Can you relate?

It is a very common trap to fall into: comparing your romantic relationship—to your friends’ and even strangers’ relationships. If not through the various forms of social media, perhaps over text, or in person, or secretly to yourself. And it can start from jealousy, or catch you by surprise, or even from asking for advice from a friend on how to handle something with the person you are dating.

Our different experiences pop up everywhere! They always will. But, it is important to remember that you are not your friend. Your partner is not their partner. And your relationship will never look like someone else’s, because it simply isn’t!…

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Are you a single Catholic?
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