Are you a single Catholic?

Are You Husband Material? Here Are 7 Husband-Like Qualities to Consider

To all single men, preparing for your vocation to marriage starts now. 

While taking on the role of “husband” may seem like a far-off dream at this point in life, did you know that there are many traits you already possess—or can develop—which translate well into marriage?

Focusing now on these “husband skills” not only prepares you for the vocation of marriage, but also helps you stand out in the dating world. Husband-like qualities in a guy are like the bat signal: they flash on women’s radar that you are in fact, “husband material.”

So what are these skills, traits, or abilities of men that make them “husband-y”?

Well, I asked a group of happily married women (including myself!) to share the qualities of their husbands that they most admire. And honestly, men, this list is golden! I can’t wait for you to see what traits you might already have—or can grow in—that will help you attract and prepare for your future wife

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Are you a single Catholic?
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