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Online Dating Safety: 12 Simple Tips To Keep You Safe

12 Safety Tips for Online Daters

Online dating is a great way to meet people that you otherwise could not have met. It opens up new doors that you perhaps never considered before. Most importantly, online dating is fun!
It is just absolutely essential that before any online dater begins to communicate on any online dating site, that they read and understand these 12 safety tips for online daters.

  1. Be suspicious of Yahoo email accounts. (If you have a yahoo account, consider changing to a more secure account like gmail).
  2. Beware anyone who asks for contact information very early on in the communication for any reason.
  3. Do not give any personal information to strangers.
  4. Do not exchange any contact information for at least a month or until you feel that the person is completely trustworthy
  5. Beware of sob stories. Especially those given right away. “I’m a widow and so lonely, but I don’t have enough to money to visit my children as they live far away.”
  6. Do not ever give money to anyone.
  7. Beware of those who say they are from the USA but “traveling”
  8. Be very suspicious of someone who is immediately affectionate and/or excessively complimentary
  9. Google is your friend. Google someone before you meet them, exchange information, etc.
  10. If it looks too good to be true; it probably is. People who look like professional models, are typically scammers who stole the model’s photo.
  11. We would like to stress that there are many Catholic military marriages that began online, but be cautious of men who claim to be in the military. Scammers love to steal military photos and create personas based on that soldier. Typically, it is obvious. For example, they say they are a soldier from California, but their grammar is that of someone who does speak English natively.
  12. Use and maintain antivirus software.

There Are Exceptions!

There are exceptions to every rule, so relax and have fun and share those love quotes for him long distance! As long as you do not give your personal information away too quickly, and as long as you do not send anyone money, you are safe communicating with people within the security of an online dating site.

You may have met the one widowed navy man who looks like Mel Gibson and resides in South Carolina, but has a poor command of the English language because they are originally from Argentina. (This is highly unlikely, so stick with the rules).

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