These 3 Tips Will Help You Break The News That You’re Divorced

How to announce that you are divorced

My heart was pounding as I rang my next-door neighbor, Linda’s, doorbell. In the 10 seconds or so I waited for her to answer, my mind raced with all the possible ways I could announce that I was moving. I was, not we, as in my husband and I. He had filed for divorce…

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Handling Finances on Your Own After Divorce

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New Life
After Divorce

Forgiveness Even When It Seems Impossible


We are halfway through the Jubilee Year of Mercy. For many people who have gone through a divorce, extending mercy and forgiveness to their ex-spouses—the ones who need their mercy and forgiveness the most—remains an impossible task. It doesn’t matter whether they were left, or the ones who left, letting go of the bitterness that surrounds divorce can seem an insurmountable chore. Where is the justice for the offense?

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